Cistercian monk’s tale follows journey of faith, life

Father Julius Leloczky’s autobiography, “All is Grace! My Life,” follows his personal journey from his family’s bakery in Hungary, through the religious suppression of communist Hungary and the upheaval of the Hungarian Revolution, all the way up to his life at the tranquil Our Lady of Dallas Cistercian Abbey in Irving, where he currently resides.


Emergency second collection for storm relief planned June 1-2

The weekend of June 1-2, the Diocese of Dallas will conduct an Emergency Second Collection for Storm Relief. In its emergency response efforts, Catholic Charities Dallas takes a holistic approach to comprehensively meet people’s immediate and long term needs. These include shelter, food, aid, and hope to our neighbors in need. Please respond generously through your prayerful and financial support.


Father Esposito: Gratitude for the witness of St. Peter

After celebrating Mass recently for my University of Dallas students in a chapel just a few feet from the bones of St. Peter, I mused on what the fisherman would think of the overwhelming grandeur of the basilica that houses his mortal remains. Many would suspect that his simple Galilean sensibilities would be repulsed by the opulence and gilded pomp of the place, and that thought did cross my mind; but that solution strikes me as too facile and puritanical. My hunch is that Peter would consider the final resting place of his bones, the rock on which this church and the Church are built, to be a fitting reward, a capstone for his efforts to love the Lord.